Simmering Secrets of Weeping Mary: A Deuteronomy Devilrow Mystery

by Merry Hassell Frels, aka Laurie Moore


Gr. 4-7. When her favorite older cousin, Nehemiah, is killed, Deuteronomy ("Duty") Devilrow, 12, returns to her small-town Texas home for the funeral. She has been living in Fort Worth and preparing for college with her tough, loving, white mentor, Miz Zan, a homicide detective. But there are questions that make Duty wonder if Nehemiah could have been murdered. With Miz Zan's support, Duty investigates and saves her family from killers. The detective work is contrived. The real mystery revolves around the young black sleuth's identity. Why is Duty the spitting image of white Senator Deveraux's oldest daughter? Frels' fiction debut will hold readers with its smart yet naive protagonist and its fast and funny first-person narrative. ~ Booklist


ISBN-13: 9780971435896

Publication date: 4/28/2005

Pages: 125

Age range: 4 - 12 Years


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