Real-Life Stories of Supernatural Experiences includes personal stories of an old sea captain who always leaves a puddle of seawater in the kitchen of a house where he once lived; a man who kept going to work even though he had died; and a little girl who cannot leave the place where she died tragically, a place where the family currently living prays for her final release.


"These well-written and thrilling stories had us hooked from the beginning. We've heard some chilling tales but reading this book confirmed to us once again that life on the other side really exists!" ~ Ginger & Chris Pennell, Paranormal Investigators and publishers of the national webzine, AmericanParanormalPages.Com




ISBN-10: 0974039403

ISBN-13: 978-0974039404

Publisher: Atriad Press

Publication date: October 1, 2003

Pages: 255 paperback


Paranormal experiences told by the people who lived them are revealed in these three collections of haunting encounters. Skeptics will ponder where reality stops and another dimension begins after reading these spine-tingling and compelling stories.


Ghost Stories from Around the World features stories of a deceased man in an old house in Ireland who saves the little daughter of the present tenant from a fiery death; a house in Belgium where children long gone still play; and the military base in England where sounds of a terrible battle from WWII still echo through the night.


"Superb reading- I found it hard to put down! The editors did a fine job in collecting these true experiences. A must-read in my opinion." ~ Steve Thrash, Paranormal Investigator



ISBN-13: 9780974039411

Publisher: Atriad Press

Publication date: 3/28/2004

Pages: 264 paperback


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