"It looks as though deputy Raven's wedding isn't going to happen. Tommy, her intended, is a CIA operative out in the field, and all of his phone calls end with the sound of gunfire and screaming. Jinx, the constable of Tarrant County, Texas, her philandering former lover, doesn't want to see Raven wed. Fellow officer Dell, also in love with her, feels the same. It's hard for Raven to plan her wedding, what with investigating the murder of her elderly neighbor, and searching for Jinx's lost cat and two missing children, one of whom is scheduled to be a human sacrifice on the summer solstice. Lots of action, lots of humor, and lots of quirky characters--including a teen voodoo practitioner, feuding bridesmaids, and an oversexed Wiccan--add to the excitement as Raven watches her detailed wedding plans disintegrate. This is the third book in Moore's Constable series (Constable's Run, 2002; Constable's Apprehension, 2003), and libraries will want all three titles in this rowdy, off-the-wall, hormonally charged series." ~ Shelley Mosley, Booklist


"Tarrant County Constable Jinx Porter panics as the clock is running down on his chances to persuade Raven not to marry her fiancé Tommy Greenway who is incognito somewhere in the Sudan or a similar locale. The office is working on retrieving a five years old girl Magick whose mother died and father Fleck is a satanic cultist; her maternal grandparents want the child with them. Raven especially worries because she fears the youngster will be sacrificed in an upcoming summer solstice ritual.


As they search for the child other events interfere with Raven's wedding plans. Her elderly neighbor dies, bashed in the head; a gypsy she arrested ate her engagement ring; and the DEA is investigating the florist while the caterer is simply dead. Then there is Sigrid the new investigator in her life, and finally a groom whom has remained incommunicado for the past five days. Wedding blues seem too trite.


The Constable police procedurals are some of the best on the market today. The latest one is the typical amusing yet serious mystery as Raven gets closer to marriage, but her groom is somewhere in the middle of nowhere surrounded by terrorists. The missing child cult subplot adds depth to a strong tale. Fans will want Moore Jinx-Raven and ilk tales from this wonderfully entertaining author." ~ Harriet Klausner







Edgar-nominated mystery author Laurie Moore merges her critically-acclaimed Constable series and Fort Worth police series to create this page-turning sequel to Constable's Apprehension. Jinx Porter has only eight days to win back Raven before she gets married. Compounding the countdown, simultaneous kidnappings have them scrambling to find the perpetrators; Raven's maid of honor, detective Cézanne Martin, is investigating the murder of Raven's next-door neighbor; and the groom is missing. Throw in a florist up to his ears in drug dogs, a dead caterer and a confused baker and you've got another wild ride with the Tarrant County Constables.



ISBN 10: 1594142491
ISBN 13: 9781594142499

Published by Five Star/Gale Group
Publication date: October 3, 2005






“…Combining numerous wacky plot strands with office high jinks, raunchy dialogue, and a host of eccentric characters…This sequel to Constable’s Run is just over the top enough to interest fans of Janet Evanovich.” ~ Booklist


“Action as fast as an automatic weapon, interspersed with Texas truisms and comic relief, makes this novel truly original in voice and style…Moore’s writing wears spurs-and it sparks too.” ~ Romantic Times


“Moore brings her years of experience as a Texas police officer to her second escapist romp to star Reserve Deputy Constable Raven…” ~ Publisher’s Weekly


“The latest Jinx-Raven police procedural is a fun tale that provides immense entertainment…the story line is as exciting as the previous books…Laurie Moore continues to furbish a solid series with a novel that hooks the audience from the moment Jinx explains to his outrageous bunk mate what went wrong.” ~ Harriet Klausner


“Constable’s Apprehension abounds with male lingo and sexual witticisms, as well as humor and confused love, which make it a good read for women.”  ~ My







Reserve Deputy Constable Raven returns in this page-turning sequel to the critically acclaimed Constable's Run. This time, Raven's got more problems than just a cheating boyfriend . . .There's Yucatan Jay, who may or may not work for the CIA and is far from what he appears to be . . .There's Dell, another Constable, who's getting a divorce . . . Raven's ex, Jinx Porter, is back in office and in big-time trouble . . . and a whole host of other outlandish, Texas characters. Raven's biggest problem, aside from the fact that everyone seems to think she's the one who's trying to kill Jinx, is a problem of the heart: all the men in her life want to marry her!



ISBN-10: 1410402142

ISBN-13: 978-1410402141

Publisher: Five Star (ME)
Publication date: October 2004

Pages: 419 paperback





BY LAURIE MOORE ... “Texas fans, especially, will enjoy the capers.” Booklist





“A great first novel. A real page turner. I loved it!” ~ Larry Hagman, actor


“Texas fans, especially, will enjoy the capers.” ~ Booklist


"Both dialogue and introspection as edgy as broken glass--tough plus funny equals a great read!" ~ John S. McCord, author of Walking Hawk and The Baynes Clan Series


“Constable’s Run is an exciting character driven police procedural…The story line engages the reader in a humorous way from the start, especially with the constables doing their job…fans will relish Laurie Moore’s strong tale starring a wonderful champion.” ~ Harriet Klausner


“Constable’s Run is a fun romp through Texas politics…This book is a true delight…It is definitely worth reading, and highly recommended.” ~ Love Romances


“Both dialogue and introspection as edgy as broken glass tough plus funny equals a great read!” ~ author John S. McCord


“This is a rip roaring, rock-em, sock-em story of passion, hate, sex, betrayal and revenge, not to mention Texas style politics. Oh, did I mention laughs? Well, it’s a hoot! What more could a reader ask for?” ~ author Ginnie Siena Bivona


“Laurie Moore, ex-law officer and present day lawyer and author, offers a fun first novel full of humor, unusual characters and spunky dialogue. You will certainly laugh, you might even cry for the characters at times, but you will never groan.” ~ author Kat Goldring







Texas attorney Laurie Moore brings her 23 years of experience in law enforcement to her first crime novel, Constable's Run, in which Constable Jinx Porter must turn for help in his reelection bid to his girlfriend, Reserve Deputy Constable Raven. Meanwhile, Raven has her hands full dealing with a gypsy kingpin who's put a contract out on her in this tough, at times funny tale ("Is an AIDS test multiple choice?") of betrayal and revenge. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information. ~ Publisher's Weekly



ISBN-10: 0786246413

ISBN-13: 978-0786246410

Publisher: Five Star /Gale Group

Publication date: October 2, 2002

Pages: 304 hardback







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